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Learn more about Great Noise's programs, performers, collaborators, venues, influences, and inspirations.

Background Noise: Armando Bayolo: Growth, Change, and Towards Golgotha

Armando Bayolo, GNE Artistic Director & Conductor, leads GNE in concert in September 2009. GNE Artistic Director and Conductor Armando Bayolo founded the group ten years ago, and as its founder has served both as its artistic head and conductor as well as wearing many other administrative hats. In those capacities, he’s had the opportunity both to lead and to listen to both his own and others’ compositions, and we asked him what it feels like to experience the process on both sides of the podium as a composer and the leader of a performing arts group.

Background Noise: An Interview With Composer Jonathan Newman

GNE reprised its performance of composer Jonathan Newman’s These Inflected Tentacles, which is based on the observations of Charles Darwin as noted in his book Insectivorous Plants. How could you not want to know more about the composer who set those images in music? Here’s our interview with Jonathan Newman.

Background Noise: GNE's Katherine Kellert On Steve Reich

This year, we’re going to be bringing you perspectives from some of the performers you’ll be seeing on stage at Great Noise Ensemble’s concerts. We’re starting off the year with a perspective from someone you actually hear a lot from already, but Katherine Kellert isn’t just in charge of our marketing and concert production, she’s also GNE’s clarinetist. Here’s why she’s excited about performing Steve Reich’s Music for 18 Musicians on our upcoming September 9th concert at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Silver Spring.

CD Composer Profile: Robert Paterson

Robert PatersonOur third composer profile features another of our favorite artists to work with, Robert Paterson. Our CD will be featuring his piece, Looney Tunes, which is about as fun a piece of music as we’ve ever played.When you get a percussionist/rock drummer as cool as Rob is as a composer you know that his pieces are going to be fun to play, but they’re also very challenging and really make us work– we can’t wait to get cracking on getting this down for the CD.