what remains is inspired by the story of Frédéric Bourdin, a serial impostor. Throughout his lifetime, Bourdin (nicknamed “The Chameleon”) has assumed at least 500 false identities, including the identities of actual teenage missing persons. Throughout his past impersonations and deceptions, his story was always the same- he only wanted a family that would accept him. This piece explores Bourdin’s thought process throughout one of his impersonations, his need of acceptance, and his willingness to do anything for it. what remains was originally premiered by Great Noise Ensemble as a collaboration with Chicago choreographer Larissa Bodnar for the Charlotte New Music Festival in June 2015.

About Cassie Wieland:
CassieWieland2Cassie Wieland (b. 1994) is currently completing her B.M. Composition degree at Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois, where she studies with Roy Magnuson and Martha Horst. In her first year of composition she has composed for voice, solo instrumentalists, chamber ensembles, and film. She was recently accepted into the Charlotte New Music Festival, where she met and worked with Great Noise Ensemble on a collaboration project with choreography. After graduating, Wieland plans to pursue her graduate degrees in Composition and continue to collaborate with new music ensembles such as GNE.