Travelogues: Real and Imagined

October 26, 2018 - 1:15 pm


Great Noise makes its debut at Georgetown University’s Friday Music Series with a repeat performance of the Travelogues program, with works by Alexandra Gardner, Marcos Balter, and Armando Bayolo. The performance will be free of charge.

In this program, we take a musicological trip to locations in our world…and others. Alexandra Gardner takes us to Yellowstone National Park in Vixen, a musical realization of the erupting geyser. Meanwhile, in Codex Seraphinianus, composer Marcos Balter gives us a companion aural examination to Luigi Serafini’s extensive cataloguing of the bizarre flora, fauna, fashion, and food of his wild imagination. This musicology of non-existent places is perhaps best exemplified in Armando Bayolo’s The Books of Bokonon, a series of musical fantasies in the manner of nineteenth-century potpourris transcribing music from the Caribbean island of San Lorenzo, as described in Kurt Vonnegut’s documentary travelogue, Cat’s Cradle.

We thank Dave Molk, Asst. Prof. of Theory and Composition at Georgetown, for including GNE in this renowned concert series.