On New Music:

“For me, new music is one of the most powerful art forms I can participate in. The things I love to play most and best are the ones that inspire deep love, burning passion, righteous anger and burning rage to change the world, and those are usually the things written by my contemporaries and those who taught them. This is music that deeply challenges me as a performer, stimulates my mind, incites rage and passion and righteous anger, and speaks deeply to the times we live in and the deep, dark and beautiful depths and brilliant luminous heights our souls are capable of plumbing and ascending to. I’ve never felt more alive or more expressive in my work than at the end of a committed performance that tries my mind, body, and soul as this music does. It expects more from me both as a performer and a listener than passive acceptance, demanding rigorous thought and existential consideration, and has been the seed of profound learning on the same level as all great visual art and literature.”

Headshot: Katherine KellertKatherine Kellert is an active freelance musician and private instructor in the Washington, D.C. area. She received her Bachelor of Music in Clarinet Performance from Arizona State University, where she studied with Robert Spring. SHe has also studied with Steven Cohen, Scott Bridges, and Sandra Garner-Mosteller. Currently she is the Principal Clarinettist with the Mantovani Orchestra and performs regularly at theaters and with ensembles in the Washington, D.C. area.

An accomplished chamber and orchestral musician, she has appeared in recitals and performances across the United States and has attended summer programs such as the National Orchestral Institute and the Brevard Music Center. She has performed with the Maryland Chamber Orchestra, Alexandria Symphony, New Dominion Chorale Orchestra, McLean Orchestra and National Cathedral Choral Society Orchestra, among others. She also appeared as a soloist with the Maryland Chamber Orchestra and Great Noise Ensemble.

She appears on the recordings eXchange: China, performing Kawai Shiu’s Winter Tide and Great Noise Ensemble’s Guerrilla New Music.

She maintains an active music studio of more than forty students throughout the year, many of whom have gone on to pursue successful careers in the arts and other distinguished fields. Her students perform in recitals and concerts throughout the year and have participated in many contests, honors bands and orchestras, and competitions.