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How to Pray

While more Americans than ever are leaving organized religion, more than that identify as spiritual. How to Pray, premiered last year as part of ourĀ Four Freedoms Project, explores what it means to be spiritual in a secular age by presenting works by David Lang,...

Winter, 2020 Shows!

Welcome the new decade with GNE! This winter, we launch into our third decade with two ambitious projects. On February 22, we partner once again with Arcturus Theater Company at Westmoreland United Congregational Church of Christ for a staged workshop of Goya's Los...

CD Composer Profile: Robert Paterson

Robert PatersonOur third composer profile features another of our favorite artists to work with, Robert Paterson. Our CD will be featuring his piece, Looney Tunes, which is about as fun a piece of music as we’ve ever played.When you get a percussionist/rock drummer as cool as Rob is as a composer you know that his pieces are going to be fun to play, but they’re also very challenging and really make us work– we can’t wait to get cracking on getting this down for the CD.