GNE founder Armando Bayolo contributes to Anne Midgette’s article about the up-and-coming new music scene:

Like most garage bands, alt-classical groups have to make the most of limited resources. “A lot of the vibe we’ve developed,” says Bayolo of the Great Noise Ensemble, “is that we’ve been forced to work in a tough economy with very little money, as what I call guerrilla music makers.” The ensemble’s musicians are still working without pay, though the question of performance space has been solved since the group took up residency at Catholic University. (Their next concert is Oct. 30.)

The residency is appropriate in that Bayolo specifically cites the catholicism — with a small C — of his musical tastes. All music, to this young composer, is created equal, but the established format is too restrictive. “The notion of music as religious relic is what I’m trying to fight against,” he said.

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